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As with anything else in life, there are some practicalities to keep in mind.

Fees & Terms and Conditions

1. The first session, of 60 minutes, at Life Key is free of charge.

2. Subsequent sessions, of 50 minutes, are invoiced at the time and have a two week payment term. Cash payments are also possible.

3. The hourly rate at Life Key is €80 per hour for Counselling; for Coaching sessions 21% VAT applies, and is added.

4. Life Key services are often covered by health insurance when there is ‘aanvullende’ (additional coverage in your insurance package), and can be claimed by you. To be sure, check with your insurance provider. A referral from your GP (Huisarts) is not necessary.

5. Life Key dedicates 15% of the weeks’ sessions to individuals who have financial difficulty in meeting payments. Individuals wishing to discuss this option are encouraged to contact Lamprini.

6. Sessions cancelled with 24hrs notice are not charged. Sessions cancelled at the last moment, and no shows will be invoiced at the full amount.

7. All information shared during a session, or about a client, is kept in the utmost of confidentiality at all times. Only under the following conditions can this be broken:

Risk of client harming others or themselves.

Incidents of domestic violence, abuse or neglect of minors, elderly or people with disabilities.

If so ordered, due to a court order or legal proceedings.

8. If you you have any complaints and we cannot find a way to settle them together. Lifekey is registered with the NVPA. This is a recognized professional association for psychosocial therapists and are amongst other things experts in handling complaints and disputes in care and welfare. You read how to deal with your complaint on the website of the NVPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions are needed for therapy to be effective?

The effectiveness of therapy or coaching depends on the cooperation and commitment of client. The actual number of sessions depend on the agreed upon plan of action with the therapist/coach and can increase, or decrease depending on needs and progress.

How do I know if I need therapy or coaching?

If you feel confused or overwhelmed by feelings or events that are happening in your life and are unsure how to move forward, or whom to talk to, counselling is the best step you can take to help yourself.

There are a number of techniques available for you or your therapist to choose from. If you do not know exactly which method would be ideal for you, a general consultation with the counsellor can explore the best method for your needs.

What are some of the issues that Life Key can assist with?

Examples of the areas in which Life Key can support you include:

  • • work and stress
  • • burnout
  • • work and life balance
  • • concentration and focus issues
  • • work reintegration
  • • anxiety and depression
  • • relationship problems
  • • adjustment issues
  • • loss and bereavement
  • • trauma therapy (EMDR)
  • • fears
  • • recovering from brain injury or surgery
  • • reintegration (spoor 2 trajecten)

How long does each session last?

Usually, sessions last 50 minutes in a regular time slot each week. Shorter or longer sessions can be arranged upon discussion.

How often do sessions take place?

This will be determined according to need, and the agreed upon plan of action made between therapist/counsellor and client.

Can my counsellor prescribe medication?

Life Key, Lamprini Kiosse cannot prescribe medication. If medication is required a referral will be made to a psychiatrist.

Are sessions covered by insurance?

As a registered psycho-social therapist in the Dutch system, if you have additional coverage, ‘aanvullende’, to your basic coverage then yes, most of the fees can be claimed from your insurance provider. It is always advisable to check with them first though.

office space
Life Key's Office Space
The Hague

Office Space

Life Key is located in the Hague in the Netherlands. The office space is designed to welcome the clients in a safe and cozy environment, where they can be comfortable.

office space