Psychologist & Counsellor

Lamprini Kiosse

Lamprini Kiosse portrait
Lamprini Kiosse
Psychologist & Councellor
Founder of Life Key

Lamprini Kiosse is an Occupational Psychologist, Counsellor and Coach. Originally from Greece she has more than 35 years of being an expatriate. That is, more than 35 years of confronting, dealing with and overcoming the challenges of change brought about by an expatriate lifestyle. Adjusting to change is something she is very familiar with, and intuitive about. Decoding the Dutch environment something she herself has experienced.

Her academic and professional background is extensive, and varied, also the result of capturing the opportunities new countries, new languages presented her with. Taken together these have allowed her to practice her profession, as a Counsellor and Coach in a comprehensive and integrated manner. Her first degree was in Educational Sciences from Hamburg University, following this she became a Training Consultant for many firms in her then home, Munich. She has a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, accredited by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body in Great Britain, and received her Master’s Degree in Occupational Health Psychology from the University of Leiden in 2009. In 2011 she trained as a neurofeedback therapist and in 2016 she started EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Training. Today, Lamprini focusses on further assisting her clients through her practice Life Key.

The red thread of her educational background and professional interest: people, a high degree of intuition and empathy and an intrinsic faith in people. When asked to describe how she works, what she does, she used ‘fog’ to illustrate.

“When we encounter fog we feel enveloped, unable to see what lies ahead. We cannot see how to navigate our way out of it. Change is much like fog, everything is new and we do not know how, which way to move forward, navigate the process of change. But, each step into the fog does reveal something, and brings us closer to a clearer, fog free, view. I cannot clear the fog, but I can certainly assist my clients through it, guiding them forward in a process of change.”

Lamprini Kiosse is a registered member of the NVPA, and NIP and is a registered psycho-social therapist in the Dutch system, covered (partially) under ‘aanvullende’


mental health PROFESSIONALS

Working and collaborating with other professionals and professional networks is crucial to Lamprini Kiosse’s manner of working. The synergy created by doing so is the reward in helping others. It is this motivation which lies behind her initiatives to create communities, mentor others, provide professional supervision and share her office if needed. In her words: “My motivation is to create a ‘space’ which will remain for others even if I am not available.”

Among the networks and professionals Lamprini collaborates with are:

International Counselling Connections

An independent network of counsellors and psychologists living and working in the Netherlands.

Sleep Counselling

A fellow Psychologist who specialises in assisting clients in overcoming the adverse effects of sleep disturbances.


Stands for Multiple Intelligence Learning Strategies; their coaches assist clients to discover their own learning strategies and learning resources.

Network of Greek Psychologists in the Netherlands

Lamprini was the initiator and co-founder of this initiative aimed at providing psychological support and counselling services in Greek, on a wide range of mental health issues to the increasing Greek population in the Netherlands. Workshops and seminars are organised on a regular basis, and fees determined by individuals ability to pay.

Greek Book Club

A very low threshold initiative offering, predominantly Greek ladies, an easy way to meet new people, expand their network in their new home and support their own well-being. “By making one or two strong, I know others can also be helped.”