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Welcome to Life Key, a Counselling and Coaching practice committed to revealing within each of its clients, the keys to their own potential, and healing. Working from The Hague and Amsterdam Lamprini Kiosse is at the heart of the practice, but is by no means the only key to its activities. Combined with her professional background, she draws on her own personal experience as well as calm nature, and ability to listen. She is able to simplify the complex, provide clarity and create connections. Furthermore, her collaborations with other professionals, mentoring of younger ones and building communities allow her to build trust with her clients. Trust: essential to creating a positive environment from which to make the difference.

“As a therapist it is my role to help my clients, and those I work with and support, to ‘unlock’ the potential within them.”

Services at Life Key can be provided in Dutch, English, German and Greek in The Hague & Amsterdam as well as via Skype.


Unlock Your Potential